The First Day of Your Life 

Good Morning, 

Welcome to your very first day here on Earth. Although you insist you were here yesterday, and although you have pictures of yourself at this very same location ten years ago, again I say, welcome to your first day of your life. 

How could that be so? Tell me everything that happened in your past. That could be your favorite/least favorite stories, great times with family/friends, or even just those random, great days. Now, think for a second. When you are telling me these stories, when are you telling me them? You’re certainly not telling me in the past, and you’re certainly not telling me in the future. I can answer that question for you, you’re telling me right now. The only associations we have with the past are but memories, and memories are only perception. It is impossible to prove the past has ever existed. Even the tallest of the buildings ever created, who was to say they weren’t constructed seconds ago? 

This present moment, and only the present moment will ever exist. Every day you wake up, and start your new journey, try to better yourself. Be happy, be grateful. Go work out, and become one with nature again. Do not fret for any circumstance in life, as you have a new beginning every second of your life. 

What are you going to do today? Are you going to make today even better than yesterday, and learn whatever lesson the universe has in store for you, today? I know I will! Join me!