Embracing Change

Nothing stays still. Everything is moving. As one season is drawing to its natural conclusion, another season beautifully takes its place. 

In your life, events will naturally run its course and fizzle away. Do not fret over change, as change is an indication that even better is on its way to replace what you lost. 

Celebrate change of the season with me, as we welcome the beautiful new season to replace winter; Spring. In this season, Plants will come back to life. Animals will come out of hibernation. The beautiful temperatures will make its way back. Change is beautiful. 

“All is one, one is all.”-Kybalion 

Wisdom #5

  1. Fitness is essential. To reach the desire to obtain your fitness needs, you must shift your mental state to a  positive, self-loving fashion. Upon reaching that mental state, you will naturally, out of free will, want to eat healthy and train regularly. If your goal is to lose weight, do not go to the gym expecting to lose weight. Go to the gym with the mindset that you are there to better yourself. The expectation of losing weight will only set you back when you don’t see results when you expect to. Have peace in knowing you will get results in perfect divine timing. Remember reader, everything comes from within. Change your mindset, change your reality. 
  2. The physical body is like that of a tool. Now I want you to visualize yourself nailing something to the wall. Odds are, you visualized a hammer doing the work, and not your fist. You probably visualized a hammer and not your fist, because it is foolish to try to use your hand, correct? Now think in that same context. Our physical body is of the same general purpose as a hammer. The hammer serves a purpose to pound nails. The physical body serves a purpose to be of use to the mind. The mind uses the body at its disposal, based off of our beliefs, to give us what we see as reality. It is important to place emphasis on taking care of your body. Your body is the most powerful tool known to man. 
  3. There are two types of people in this world. The first person being reliant on their five senses, and observing the world from a detached perspective. The other type of person is the person that realizes life is an illusion. Viewing the world from a detached point of view will subject you to missing the miracles and synchronicities that occur every second of every day. Viewing the world from the illusion perspective enables you to see and appreciate everything around you, making every day great, rather than bits and pieces scattered across the timeline developed by the ego. 
  4. War does no good to neither party involved. However, it is impossible to stop war. There are two poles to everything. Good and bad. Evil and Hero. Male and Female. Peace and Violence. You see the pattern? Without one, the other could not happen. Everything must be perfectly balanced. 
  5. Wake up happy to be alive. Wake up happy knowing you are a creator, and that you are going to have a great day. When you shift to those thoughts, you emit those frequencies which must return back to you. Every day is a meaningful day towards your soul progression. There shall not be a day where you do not try to better yourself in some fashion. Life is short. Be happy, understand the illusion, and walk out your front door with confidence knowing you are at one with life. 
  6. Do not ignore the voice inside of your head, and do not impose negative thoughts on that inner voice. That inner voice is trying to guide you in the path that will give you the most happiness. Sure, you can go down whatever path in life you so desire. Remember, that comes with a consequence. You do not know what is behind the door that you choose to open. Do not let your ego make that decision. The ego never knows with certainty about anything. The voice in your head knows what’s behind every single door, with 100% accuracy. In present moment, it may not seem like it, but you will realize over the illusion of time that you are always being guided towards two things at the same time; your soul mission, and your happiness. 
  7. You are an observer. Every event in your life is strictly an observation. Depending how you perceive things (which is based off your beliefs), the event can either be a blessing or a curse. A blessing could be any event that leaves you in a neutral, or positive mindset. This could be something as simple as going to your favorite restaurant. On the other side of the token, that same event could be a curse for another individual. That person can hate that restaurant, because of their beliefs, and have a miserable time while they are there. That event is a curse. The equation to bliss remains as such, find the hidden blessing and lesson for every event in your life. Remember, whether you believe it or not, you are constantly growing as a person. Not physically, but spiritually. Every event happens for a reason, cause and effect. It is important to look at events or situations that you deem negative in a different light. View them as learning lessons, something that wouldn’t have been learned had that event not happened. 
  8. By following your heart, while being patient and diligent, you will naturally find a way to make a living doing whatever it is that you like to do. Meditate, and absorb the information that your inner voice is conveying. Follow the steps that your heart tells you to take, for those are the only steps that were made for you, and you only. 

“Mastering The Illusion Of Life” 

“Mastering The Illusion Of Life” is a two part short book. In this book, the first part emphasizes the uniqueness of you, and how special you are. In the second part, I touch on society with a very radical philosophical approach. 

This book is currently free until April 5th, on the Amazon book store. It is currently only available as an e-book. 

I encourage you to be the best version of you possible. 

Wisdom #4

  1. It’s not who you fear, or what you fear. Those do not matter. It is why do you fear? 
  2. Go in nature and observe the birds in the morning. Watch how the first thing they do upon sunrise, just like us, is go out and hunt for food. Watch how they play with each other, so beautifully, just like us. What separates us from the rest of nature? Ego 
  3. Maintain a neutral attitude when dealing with your own emotions. Any surge of excitement, or surge of negativity, is weakness. Man is the creator, everything comes from within. What you want, you already have. There is no need to get overly excited nor overly upset over anything. It is a mental game, and falling to those emotions is weakness. 
  4. Observe how others talk to you. Observe the attention they give you, and observe the kind of responses you get. If people around you seem moody, irritable towards you, check yourself. The outside is a mirror of your inner beliefs. It is important to shape your beliefs to live how you want to live. 
  5. Freedom is not having the ability to use our rights as citizens. Freedom is the complete control over the mind, and mastering the mind. Strive to master your own mind, for you will be free to live your own life, how you want to every second of your life. 
  6. There is no such thing as hard work if you live life true to yourself. Everything shall come easy and effortlessly. Money, fitness, health, etc. will all come naturally without you even trying, just by living true to yourself. 
  7. If you do not agree with fellow man, you but two options to proceed, in any situation. You can one, try to change their belief to match that of yours. By doing this, you are assuming authority over this person. However, since we are one and everything is equal, assuming authority over another individual is not appropriate. Second option, is you can take what the person says, and question it to better understand their point of view. Remember, that person is not wrong, nor are you. Everything is half true, and half false. A red apple is red, and it also isn’t red. Perception, and beliefs drives us. It is not up to any of us to alter anyone’s perceptions and beliefs. 

Wisdom #3

  1. No man shall get in the way of you and your best judgement.
  2. Talk to each person in your daily commutes effortlessly, for the people you are speaking to are your imagination.
  3. Meditate often. Man can accomplish whatever they want. Man can heal him/herself. Meditating connects you with the spiritual realms. When you’re connected with the spiritual realms, you are now able to access your ‘inner-voice’, leading to answering many questions and solving many problems. Upon completing your mediation session, you will feel complete bliss.
  4. Do not try to be like anybody else. You’re unique, and you have a specific purpose in this world.
  5. With practice, man can overcome any injury through use of wisdom.
  6. Being wise does not mean that there is never a negative event. Being wise means you interpret the negative event differently, and use it to your advantage. The sheep take that event as an ‘ego’ defeat.
  7. The thirst for knowledge is ever so lacking. The wise have a never ending search for knowledge.
  8. When you get a negative thought, think of the opposite thought to counter that negative thought. When you get mad that you got cut off on the road, counter that thought instead with “I didn’t die, there are far worse things that could have happened”. Albert Einstein would call this ‘relativity’.
  9. Listen to your intuition. Even if you don’t think it’s a great idea, listen anyways. The divine will always guide you in your best interests. You can fight it and live miserable with the sheep, or accept it and live in bliss and harmony with the wise.
  10. “The purpose and key of life is love and light. Not romantic love, but true unconditional love for all and everything. Self, humanity, animals, every being, gratitude, Earth, universe, source, everything. Pure love is the key to life.” -D.K.


Welcome To Your First Day Of Life

Good Morning, 

Welcome to your very first day here on Earth. Although you insist you were here yesterday, and although you have pictures of yourself at this very same location ten years ago, again I say, welcome to your first day of your life. 

How could that be so? Tell me everything that happened in your past. That could be your favorite/least favorite stories, great times with family/friends, or even just those random, great days. Now, think for a second. When you are telling me these stories, when are you telling me them? You’re certainly not telling me in the past, and you’re certainly not telling me in the future. I can answer that question for you, you’re telling me right now. The only associations we have with the past are but memories, and memories are only perception. It is impossible to prove the past has ever existed. Even the tallest of the buildings ever created, who was to say they weren’t constructed seconds ago? 

This present moment, and only the present moment will ever exist. Every day you wake up, and start your new journey, try to better yourself. Be happy, be grateful. Go work out, and become one with nature again. Do not fret for any circumstance in life, as you have a new beginning every second of your life. 

What are you going to do today? Are you going to make today even better than yesterday, and learn whatever lesson the universe has in store for you, today? I know I will! Join me! 

Wisdom #2 

  1. 1. Time is the whip that the man used to hit his slaves with. Use time to organize your life as need be, but don’t let the concept of time take the beauty away from life. 
  2. There is never a solid truth. My example from the Kybalion, stated as such; “Good and Bad are not absolute–we call one end of the scale Good and the other Bad, or one end Good and the other Evil, according to the use of the terms. A thing is “less good” than the thing higher in the scale; but that “less good” thing, in turn, is “more good” than the thing next below it–and so on, the “more or less” being regulated by the position on the scale.”
  3. Never fear anything. The only fear one shall ever have, is the fear of fear itself. You control your own world. 
  4. Knowledge is the master key to you. 
  5. Do not let events in life dictate your emotions. Instead, let your emotions dictate the events. 
  6. One shall never be ridiculed for their faith in whatever religion. We all recognize we have a creator, and ultimately all of those creators had to of came from one original creator (the ultimate mind, which consists of us) to begin with. Love each other not for pity, but because we all are made of the same material, originated from the same creator, which makes us all the same. 
  7. From the Kybalion again; “The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding.” 
  8. You don’t have to meditate any certain way. There are preferred methods, but not absolute methods. What works for someone may not work for you. If you follow someone else’s method, and you don’t like it, you will not meditate because you think meditating is not for you. Be relaxed, peaceful, and open. You mustn’t do what others tell you, do what works for you. 
  9. If you see somebody crying, take the time to stop and ask if everything is okay. Even if you are in a hurry, companionship is what keeps humanity together. Don’t forget where you came from, while you’re lost in the material world. 
  10. If you tell a person affiliated with mainstream society that life is an illusion, you will get a humiliating response back. That same person goes to church and worships the lord, who was created by the same ultimate mind as us.