April 01, 2018 ~ Opinion 

Opinion, what comes to mind when you hear this? What about this, do others opinions of you matter to you? Do others opinions influence your own opinion?

Well, let’s describe what your opinion is first. Your opinion is what you believe to be true concerning everything you have ever thought. Your opinion is a fact, to you. Whatever opinion you have on anything influences your perception towards that event. If you have a negative opinion about a particular individual for example, you will have a negative experience around them, because your opinion influenced that experience to occur like that. However, let’s say you don’t agree with somebodies opinion. It’s not appropriate to disagree in hopes of your opinion being of the most accurate. Remember, there is nothing true or false. It is impossible to prove that red is red, and that gravity exists. We all have the right to perceive and believe whatever we so desire. When you disagree with ones opinion, you must place yourself in the same plane as the individual with whom you disagree with. Acknowledge their opinion, and then articulate your opinion without the notion of trying to make them change their own. What good will it do anyways, if you intentially tried to change ones opinion? If the individual with whom you disagree with seems to be lacking information that could help them better furnish their opinion, then you shall provide that knowledge, but without expectation. They can do with that information whatever they’d like to, it’s their free will. To put it into perspective, when you disagree with ones opinion, what goes through your mind? Stuff like “This guys an idiot, etc.”, right? Don’t forget there are two sides to everything. That means the person you are disagreeing with, is thinking the same thing as you. Your opinion does not hold more weight than the opinion of others. It does not matter if you are Socrates, George Washington, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, or The Rock, each of our opinions weigh the same to one another. The ‘ego’ is what places importance on the opinion.

I have opinions of all kinds of things. However, I understand my opinion is just my opinion. I choose to write about my opinions, and live my own life. If others deem my opinion worthy, they will do so on their own accord.
March 27, 2018 ~ People

When I look at people, I see two things. I see the physical body, for which is comprised of the inner persons beliefs. Second, I see the inner-self of each individual. Now I want you to go out and notice each person and what they are wearing when you are out. Each person is wearing a type of clothing that expresses their sub-conscious. You may make the argument that some wear certain types of clothing to fit in. Yes, and although this is true, you are able to tell just by looking at someone if they are being true to themselves, with practice and open mindedness.

People are very elegant creatures. We have a creative mind that can do whatever we want in this world. What is holding humanity back from progressing is lack of self-confidence. Do you want to know the most simple, fast, free, effective way to get self-confidence? All you have to do, is go about your day knowing you are god. By god, I mean everything you see, taste, hear, touch, and smell is just your imagination. If it is just your imagination, what do you think that means? You are the main character in your world. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, the supporting cast won’t respect you like they should. Have you had a boss that was a nice guy, but he just seemed to not be too sure of his abilities? That probably didn’t seem right with you, or if you had a certain question you probably tried to avoid him, depending on the question?

When I look at people, I see a nervous person. I see a person that has no idea what is going on, yet they know exactly what is going on. They don’t know that they are the creator of their own world, so the way they think, feel, and act is based off of a victim mindset. The victim mindset will subject you to various emotions, and at greater intensities than the awakened individual; depression, anxiety, anger, bored, etc.

Everything is at your finger-tips, yet it is not realized. Losing weight is not about staying dedicated, eating healthy, and waiting. Although this is very true and are appropriate steps to be taken, this is not going to work if you don’t have the correct mindset. People go one week doing their new diet, and give up because results weren’t coming in. All is in the mind. With confidence, you will love yourself. When you love yourself, you will just naturally want to lose weight. You won’t want to do it out of ‘ego’, but rather self-love. The same principle applies to money. The very second you give up on the idea that you constantly need it, you will see it coming in.

Your life is what you believe. What you believe to be true will be what is true, to you. This is why two people at one event can have different reactions. When you say stuff like “I’ll never do this, because of this” then you won’t ever do that, because of that. Visualize it like this, just for layman purposes. Your physical body is like that of a robot. Your mind is like the remote control. What you beleive to be true will make your physical body naturally align itself that matches up with the vibrations you put out. This is why if you believe you are poor, then you are poor, and will be living in conditions that resemble your idea of poor.

The rich never started off rich, and the rich never had a poor mindset. The rich who got money from the rich without learning about money, will lose all money.