Mastering The Illusion Of Life E-Book

“Mastering The Illusion Of Life” is a two part short book. The first part of the book covers “The Illusion of Life”. In this part of the book, you will learn how to be in control of your own mind, as well as your destiny. The second part of the book ventures into ‘Society’. I will be discussing quite radical philosophical ideas about society.

It shall be noted, these are my philosphical ideas through deep meditations, past philosphers work, and my life experiences.

You will gain a further understanding of yourself, as well as society, from a more peculiar point of view.

You will develop a lot of questions about yourself while reading this. It is of my hopes that you develop questions, as this will enable you to find the answers you need to grow as a person.

Philosophy is beautiful, because nothing is wrong, and nothing is right. Everything is just opinion, and that is all it can be.