Today, I had a disagreement with an individual. This gentleman was pointing at luck as the primary contributor towards success. Respecting his opinion, I gave him more information about how success is for everyone if you are willing to work through the hardships. This man proceeded to turn hostile, and it is as at that point that I ended the conversation. 
I could have done two things. I could have let my ego continue the conversation that  was taking a wrong turn, or I could have ended the conversation, avoiding an argument that is worthless in the grand scheme of the Universe. 

The man shouted many insults at me during the conversation. I did not feel insulted nor get excited at the situation, but instead felt pity. I felt pity, for he does not grasp the power that he holds in this universe. He is just as powerful as the man he admires the most; all is one, one is all. That particular gentleman has just as much opportunity to live the life the divine gave us and instructed us to live as the next man. 

It is of my hopes that you, reader, follow your dreams. You will fail. You will feel like giving up. You will feel like the universe is not on your side. When you feel these emotions, think about this quote, understand it, and you will then realize what you are capable of.

“All is one, one is all.”- Kybalion 

Working Theory On The Limits Of Man 

What- This is a working theory on the limits of man. I will be updating this as new ideas as well as insights come to mind. 

Why- Life is an illusion. Everything is energy. However, although it is impossible to prove it true, we all believe gravity to exist. We all believe that humans cannot fly. We all believe that humans cannot walk on water. 

Everything ever created was at one point considered impossible. I need not bring any past achievements/accomplishments of humanity up that were at one point considered impossible, as I am sure you can reference an example. 

It is only logical and rational, to assume man can fly, just as much as it is considered logical and rational that man can not fly. Remember, nothing is considered true, nor false. 

When: I do not set limits on my work, as I go strictly with the flow of the universe. However, I am certain that I will be in a position where I will be satisfied with my work sooner, rather than later. 

Everything you see, came from nothing. Everything was created from the source. Within this universe, there is infinite potential for humanity. As the mind is infinite with its thoughts and imagination, it is required that the physical reality emulate. 

Right now it may seem impossible that man can fly. However, it is with those limiting thoughts that restricts the creative thinking needed to perform such an extraordinary task. 

I will keep you posted. 

Failure is Fertilizer

Failure, the dreaded feeling amongst many. Why is it a dreaded feeling? Well, one could fear failure because they would take it as a personal failure. This could be something as simple as the fear of rejection when asking a person on a date, or failing an academic test.

If one failed a math test for example, the person can take it two different ways. The person can take it face value, and accept failure. Going this route, this person will establish a new belief that they are not good at math. Remember, thoughts create your reality through your beliefs. When this person has to do math in the future, they will not be able to process simple math as efficiently as their counterparts due to the aforementioned belief.

The person can also go the second route, which is accepting failure as a learning experience. The person failed the math test, and will now work on the areas that need improvement to pass the next math test.

This applies to everything in life. Find your passion, and go with the flow of the Universe. One shall never be limited by money. If you never had to worry about money again, and could do whatever you wanted to do for the rest of your life, what would you do? That is the passion that you shall be pursuing, for that above scenario is within reach if you set your mind to success. Upon finding your passion, and working diligently, you will hit multiple forms of failure. This could be others not approving of your work, yourself not approving of your work, or lack of motivation. Your character is determined by how you react to failure, and then overcome it.

Remember, reader, life is an illusion. You dictate your own reality with your own beliefs. You need to believe your work is truly beautiful, and others will follow you. If others don’t approve of your work, does it matter? It shall only matter to you and you only if your work is worthy or not for us to receive. Your work is a treasure waiting to be collected by a very lucky person one day.

The sheep of society do not learn from failure, but instead give up entirely. At times, this could have been when there was just one last obstacle to be hurdled. The wise not only learn from failure, but embrace failure. Failure is painful, yet needed. If anything you ever wanted ever came easy, would you want it? Let’s put it into this perspective. If getting $10,000,000 USD was easy, would you want it? No you wouldn’t because in that scenario having that much money would equal $1 USD today. If getting your dream job was as easy as waking up in the morning, would you be as excited for that dream job? If getting into Harvard was easy, would it be as notorious as it is? If losing weight was as easy as flipping a light switch, why is there an obesity problem? All of these above people all had a goal, and were at one point sticking to their plan to achieve that goal. Once they hit their first point of failure, that goal fell apart.

The Universe will consistently align you with failure, until you correct the mistakes you are making. Your wishes will always be answered, but you must withstand two things; the illusion of time, and failure.

Book Drive

It was not until I was in the middle of one of my average workouts at the gym that it dawned on me, education is not of importance amongst the masses. Our youth will be exploring humanity much sooner than we think. It will be very difficult for our youth to sustain themselves, without common knowledge, as well as knowledge of ourselves. Our youth, not to their fault, rely far too much on technology. Although technology has very positive impacts, it is distracting and detrimental if abused.

During this epiphany, I had an idea that I felt very strongly about, guided strictly by my intuition. I thought of the idea, and I had established the book drive within the next two hours.

If you want to do something, and you know it is right to you, do it. Make yourself happy and watch everyone else around you follow suit. This situation to me, is perfect. The adults get a gift that will be sure to bring about a day of happiness, the youth get education, and I get to soak in all of the positivity knowing I am making a difference towards humanity, at least in my world. 

Although this book drive is small, as it is being ran by just myself, I am thrilled to see this grow in perfect divine timing.

I have a note placed above the book collection bin, which is attached to this.

Book Drive



Wisdom #6 

  1. Wake up ready to put your next step forward to accomplishing your goals. The person who is successful right now, was not successful yesterday. Make each day a step closer to accomplishing your goals, your passion, and life purpose.
  2. Excuses and failure go hand in hand. The ego uses excuses to justify failure. An excuse is rendered by an individual who is too hesitant to confront the real reason why failure happened; the inner-self. Failure is shedding light on what you need to fix, to successfully reach your end goal. Failure is and only is a learning experience. The very second you succumb to failure, is the very second you gave up on yourself, as well as your aspirations. There is no such thing as failure. It is a word used by the ego.
  3. The mind controls the body, the body does not control the mind. Plant the idea in your mind and believe it. You shall be surprised at what you’re capable of with confidence.
  4. Why use your entire life building up your ego just to impress those around you? Living to others expectations will leave you miserable. Maybe not now, but it is inevitable. When you die, everything you worked for means nothing. Your six figure job, your certifications, everything, it all means nothing. Live life fulfilling your dreams, not another persons dreams.
  5. Live your truth, not another individuals truth. Study if you’d like, every influential person in your life. That could be a loved one, a friend, a celebrity, etc. Those people that got to where they were, to the point where they have the power to influence you with their actions out of free-will, only got there because they followed their own truth.
  6. Never get complacent. It is imperative to always be on the hunt for new knowledge.
  7. It is very easy to get inspired. It is very difficult to take action. Take action and work towards your dreams, even if it is just a little bit each day. The road to success is not easy. Perceived obstacles, perceived set-backs, and perceived failure are all what deters you before you even take the first step. Take the first step for just one day, and see how happy it makes you. The joy you get from following your passion is irreplaceable. Chase that same feeling of joy, and in the process watch the miracle unfold before your very own eyes.
  8. Life is a gift. Imagine receiving a present from a loved. The loved one says, “Be patient trying to open up this present, for it is very fragile and takes a lot of time to open carefully. However, if you learn lessons along the way when you fail to open the present, and implement those lessons learned, you will figure out how to open the present. This present is beautiful. This present is going to bring you an abundance of bliss for the rest of your life. Don’t give up trying to open the present. It will not be an easy task, or a quick task. I have tried giving this present to many people and they give up. Remember young scholar, this gift will always be right in front of you. The answers to opening this gift is all inside. Listen to your intuition, and do not let anybody else tell you how to open the gift. Every single person has their own unique gift, and it requires a different approach to opening it up. Be patient. The most beautiful gifts are those that came with time, patience, and diligence.”



Jade Wilson 

One minute you’re here in the physical world, the next second you are not here. 

Jade, you were an awesome friend who raised the energy in any environment that you found yourself in. 

When I talked with you, I saw somebody who had potential to be the greatest version of you possible. I saw a woman who was unsure of what others thought, which ultimately set you back. Jade, you were awesome the way you were. 

You spent most of your time at work, trying to scrape by whatever kind of money you could get to make ends meet. You worked yourself past your limits, multiple times. Jade, you had potential to be everything you ever wanted to be. 

I look back at our previous encounters, and re-play our conversations at work. You always had such witty remarks, and at times you even baffled me with your drive, work-ethic, and character. Jade, you were an awesome friend. 

As you are living in your next life, I know that the people around you are very happy. I know they are happy, due to the immense amount of positive energy you emit. 

Everything happens for a reason. You were brought into my life to spread laughter and joy, for those moments were always abundant when you were around. You taught me a lot about myself, without you even realizing it. 

Remember, do not fear death. You never know when your time is going to come. You will start a new life, continuing your soul mission with natural progression. 

Jade was a friend of mine, who seemed too young to be deemed socially acceptable to pass away in the physical world. Everything happens for a reason, and it is not up to us to question the reason. I will miss her company in this world, but the universe has different plans. 

Appreciate life while it’s here, and be grateful for everything and anything, for you never know when you will be entering a new reality. 

Chaotic Shapes ~ By Brandon Knoll 

Art will never perish. Out of all things mankind creates, art is the only piece of communication that conveys messages in a universal language, going from generation to generation. 

Brandon Knoll is a very talented artist. I recommend following the link to looking at his website, as he has a very unique display of his work. 

Brandon, is also a very wise man. I recommend looking at his ‘quotes’ as well, as they will be sure to leave you with a plethora of positive energy, and will surely guide you in a very auspicious direction pertaining to your life. 

Chaotic Shapes By Brandon Knoll