Free-Will, Or Destiny

In the following words, I will be arguing Free-Will and Destiny. I will be using my own personal anecdotes, and my own personal thoughts from extensive meditation and observing my outside/inside world.

I do not know what I can and cannot control. I don’t even know if I control myself. Every thought that comes to my head, I feel subject to question. I often contemplate on whether life as we know it is governed by free-will, or destiny. I think of a thought, and I stumble into that particular idea sometimes minutes later, or even days later. Nonetheless, I still manage to connect with whatever I was thinking about. It could be as small as somebodies name, or as large as a specific person. I was at a car show this past weekend with my father, two brothers, and one of my brothers girlfriend. I had mentioned to one of my brothers that it would be nice to see Norma’s Mercedes from the television show “Bates Motel” for sale. I have never seen that car in my life, which could explain my fascination I had towards that car. About thirty minutes later, I stumbled into that exact car, only differing in color, for sale. Although I am well aware of divine timing, this caught my attention sharply, as well as had me further question free-will versus destiny.

Now with free-will, there are a couple of considerations. One being I choose my own destiny, governed by the parameters I place within my own mind. I choose what I want to believe, or even acknowledge. With virtue, the main argument that stands is everything happens for a specific reason at a specific time at the mercy of the source.

Back to the vehicle I saw for sale. I have not thought about that car in years. Why, at the car show, did I just so happen to reconcile that car, specific to a show that I haven’t seen in years? After thinking about the car, and ultimately forgetting about it, I stumbled into it minutes later. It is absolutely no coincidence, it is a matter of figuring out how I got that thought in the first place. Really, where do your thoughts come from? You love bananas, but why? You love playing sports. Why do you love it? Because it’s fun for you? Why is it fun for you and not for others? Do you have control over your feelings? Can you just pick and choose when and to whom you fall in love? Can you just decide you love sewing, and you would rather spend your time doing that as opposed to doing what you love, reading, for arguments sake.

Think of a tomato plant. A tomato plant starts as a seed, grows, and produces tomato’s to be harvested. A tomato plant’s only purpose is to produce tomato’s. What purpose would a tomato plant serve if it did not produce tomato’s? What separates us from a tomato plant? We started off as a seed as well. We get intuition, gut feelings, and “vibes” from certain things/places/people. I propose you to ponder on this thought. We are no different than the tomato plant I referenced earlier. Our desires, intuition, etc., is our destiny. Everything within us is “pre-installed”, and makes up you. To take it a step further, I argue that we live life in destiny, but may or may not have free will. In other words, you can use free will to escape a certain situation, or whatever the case may be, but eventually destiny will catch up.

To live, you must release all control and follow the ‘flow’ that is unique to you, without expectation. You cannot control any outside circumstance. However, you can release control and let your seed sprout naturally, and gracefully. You can still argue that you have free will to intervene with the divine unraveling of your life. Eventually, the cycle of life indicates destiny will make its way.

The framework to being content and achieving inner-bliss is to release all worry. Your flow will take you to where you need to go. As always, we are human and see life from the ‘now’. Although it is important to live in the present moment, it is equally as important not to have expectations in the present moment itself. Whatever happened, or is happening in your life is directly associated with you. It is up to you to discern between the good and the bad, as it pertains to your inner-desires and dreams.

Are you really in control of your thoughts? Can you control what and when a specific thought comes up? I do not believe we are in control in any way. The only way we are in control is whether we perceive the event to be good, or bad.

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