Spiritually Overcoming Your Heroin Addiction

Addiction is an animal with whom you have no clue how to defeat. You try everything, and you resort to everything, only to find yourself right back where you started. For no addiction can be overcome, without the mental awareness of overcoming such extreme obstacles.

Practicing your spirituality, which is practiced unique to each individual, is important to you overcoming addiction, but more importantly your well-being as a whole.

I am opening my arms up to one Heroin user, and will be mentoring you day by day through your life. In this process, I will offer you a different perspective to looking at things, and a different way of reasoning with your mind when you feel urges to use Heroin. However, I will be mentoring you on overcoming your addiction without the use of medication, and rehabilitation centers respectively.

I will not go out and seek you. You must want the mentorship, and you must want to overcome the addiction. If you stumbled upon this, and you are currently struggling with your Heroin addiction, congratulations. You have come across the first step towards recovery.

I will be providing a presentation I have made. This presentation is a brief overview of what my expectations are for this journey. If you and I start working together, I will request that you fill out a consent form, indicating that you are responsible for your own actions, and that you are receiving mentorship upon your own will.

I am only one person. I cannot accept everybody. However, I will try my absolute hardest to make sure to keep in touch with anyone that wants/needs help.

Freeing Yourself From Yourself

Personal Liability Statement


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