Wisdom #8 

  1. The grass is always green. There is never a time where it is not green. It is only not green, when you perceive it otherwise. You, as an observer, have a choice whether or not you perceive any event to be good, or bad. 
  2. What is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’? For there can be no honest explanation for ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Well, I could say ‘good’ is anything that makes me feel positive, and ‘bad’, anything that makes me feel negative. Now let’s go deeper. I only told you what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’, according to my parameters, and within my own belief system. How could I tell you what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’? Hypothetical example; I could tell you that I went bankrupt. I could tell you how that is a terrible moment in my life, and that I am suffering as a result of it. Now, on the other side of the token, I could say being bankrupt was the greatest thing that ever happened. It relieved the burden, and now I’m starting a new chapter with a clean slate. Every person you encounter will tell you what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’, based off of their own belief system and parameters. They can tell you why they feel that way, but that is all they can do. You shall not limit yourself to anything because a person said something is ‘good’, or ‘bad’, because that is based off of their own perception. You must have a free mind, and explore the universe for yourself, governed strictly by yourself in a civilized manner. Once you experience an event, only then can you determine something to be ‘good’, or ‘bad’, because you observed it and felt the emotions yourself. Has anyone ever told you they didn’t like something, and it shocked you because you believed everyone to enjoy whatever it is? 
  3. Limit the amount of negativity you receive. Anything that puts you in a mood you are not pleasant with, walk away from it. Negativity will only spiral into negative circumstances, giving you more negative feelings to feed off of. 
  4. Educate yourself, on yourself. Learn your limits, and then exceed them, for only then will you keep growing spiritually. 
  5. Keeping a positive mood throughout any circumstance can be done very simply. Imagine a person, who is serving a life sentence in prison. This person is deprived of almost everything that you and I are accustomed to. This person can only read, write, watch television periodically, exercise, and socialize with other inmates for the rest of his/her life. That inmate, after time and rationalization, reasons to make the most out of their time in prison by finding a way to enjoy it, knowing there is no other choice but to enjoy it, or not. Now the inmate is in prison physically, but not mentally. Are you in prison at that point, if you are mentally free? That shall be a topic for another day. Now take the prisoner’s life into consideration when you think about how miserable your life is. You could be locked in a cell for the rest of your life, but instead you aren’t locked in a cell, and you have an option whether or not to create your dreams. When you are stuck at work and feeling ‘miserable’, think relativity. You could be a prisoner who does have work privileges, but still cannot return to physical freedom. Reason with this thought process, for you will find no other way but to enjoy your life within your current means. 
  6. When feeling guilty about doing something you enjoy doing, do you feel guilty because others told you it’s ‘bad’, or because you feel guilty because you are breaking your own moral code? If you feel guilty because another person told you something is ‘bad’, that simply means you are not living true to yourself. When you stop feeling guilty for living your truth, watch the miracle unfold while the ones you felt guilty of, love you for who you are. 
  7. Always listen, for everyone that is having a conversation with you is for a specific reason. Although the reason at that time is unknown, you will be sure to find out when the appropriate time lines up. If you listened, you will have more information to perceive that event much more accurately, to yourself. 

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