What Is The Point To Life?

Life is what you want it to be. There are many different aspects that govern your life such as your ethics/morals, mindset, and the environment. However, none of this matters if you do not grasp the reality of life.

There is no point to life. Life is meant to create. There isn’t, and never was any other point to life besides to create. Life’s journey, purpose, and rewards are unique to everybody. If a philosopher told you the point to life, he/she would be lying to you, and if you took his/her word simply because they were an accepted philosopher in the eyes of society, you ultimately failed yourself for accepting that person’s truth. Nobody knows the “truth”.

If someone tells you something can’t be done, or isn’t possible, or anything that is limiting to you, they are wrong as well. Who is to say what can and cannot be done. For that would imply that we were given a rulebook when we were created stating the rules. All the rules we live by, to and include the Laws of Physics, is nothing but rules made up by mankind. The rules made up by mankind came from the same people, with the same minds as you and I. You cannot be for certain that anything is for certain. You can only be for certain in yourself, and your beliefs.

While you are living here in present moment, be grateful for everything, including yourself. You could be anything but you, right in this very moment. Think deeply, have you ever sought to realize that we are observing the beauties of nature, alive, full of ideas waiting to be created?

I will never be able to answer what life is to you. You can only answer that question. However, I can give you some pieces of information that will further help you along your journey. In your life journey, you must do two things. Firstly, you must take time to understand yourself. Upon understanding yourself, you will have figured out what your life purpose is. The second step in life is just following that purpose. You will have no problem following that purpose, as you will be cherishing every moment, soaking in the happiness that comes with chasing your dreams. By living your soul mission, whatever that may be to you, you will reap an abundance of rewards effortlessly; money, opportunities, love, personal freedom, and bliss to name a few. There is no “trick”, or “secret” to life. There is just the “truth” and that everything you have ever thought is what dictated your life up until right now, present moment.

Life is difficult if you want it to be, or easy, respectively. Again, I shall go back to touch on philosophy. Do not let someone else’s truth dictate your truth, or your thoughts. All comes from within, your universe is you. The reality you see, is a projection of your sub-conscious. It is no coincidence that synchronicities happen, or that you feel another person’s energy, etc. Take time to love yourself. Loving yourself is the most important step to take, for if you don’t love yourself, who will?

Follow your gut without fear or worry. Know and have faith in your higher-self. Be confident that you are on the most auspicious path for you, so long as you continue listening to your inner-voice.



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