Wisdom #7

  1. I do not subject myself to feel embarrassment in any setting. This would require somebodies opinion to matter more to me than that of my own.
  2. You’re miserable in the moment because you’re worried about something in either the past, or the future. The past is all but a blur. You cannot be certain that the past ever existed. If you counter that argument with something along the lines of showing me a photograph, time capsule, or antique, my point shall still remain the same. When are you showing me those above mentioned items? Certainly not in the past, you’re showing me those items in the now, the present. Your memories of the past are just that, memories. It is only your imagination. You only live in the present. Forget the past, and move on. Worrying about the future is detrimental. The future is unknown to exist, and will always be unknown to exist. Be grateful in the moment, regardless of the circumstances. By doing so, you will experience wonderful opportunities daily.
  3. If you are certain about you future and how events will play out, you are wrong. You can be certain of an outcome, and you must be certain of an outcome. However, do not be certain of the path to reaching your outcome. If you are certain about something, and it doesn’t happen the way you expected it to happen, you will feel defeated and a sense of failure. Be open minded, and embrace the journey that life is giving you en route to your desire. Taking the faithful approach, you are certain to smile much more along the way throughout your life journey.
  4. Release all fear and doubt. Those two emotions will ruin you. Your biggest enemy is yourself. Life is a game against yourself. Keep a loving, faithful, and determined mind, for you will reap an abundance of riches unique to you.
  5. This life is all yours. You are the center of your universe. Understand this concept, understand how important you are to yourself. You should be your biggest fan, your best friend, and your faithful companion. For at the end of the day, it is always you and your thoughts that goes on eternally. Be humble, and respectful, but remain as confident as ever in yourself at all times.
  6. If you are not confident and sure in yourself, who will ever be? Everything is from within.
  7. You want something, and you want it now. You don’t want anything, in actuality. You want the feeling associated with having, using, or whatever the case may be associated with that item. For example, you want money. You don’t want money, you want the feeling associated with the thought of having an abundance of money. Change your thoughts to match the feelings you are chasing. By doing so, you will be aligned with your desire and no longer will be subject to any resistance.
  8. Anything that is important to you, whether it may be your art, studies, hobby, loved one, or pets, it is important that you fully grasp the idea that anything worthwhile to you does not come quick, nor easy. It is very easy to obtain items that take other people a longer amount of time. However, those items would not be worthwhile to you. Constantly challenge yourself to always be better, learn more, and progress. Doing so will bring you many blessings from the divine, daily.

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