Today, I had a disagreement with an individual. This gentleman was pointing at luck as the primary contributor towards success. Respecting his opinion, I gave him more information about how success is for everyone if you are willing to work through the hardships. This man proceeded to turn hostile, and it is as at that point that I ended the conversation. 
I could have done two things. I could have let my ego continue the conversation that  was taking a wrong turn, or I could have ended the conversation, avoiding an argument that is worthless in the grand scheme of the Universe. 

The man shouted many insults at me during the conversation. I did not feel insulted nor get excited at the situation, but instead felt pity. I felt pity, for he does not grasp the power that he holds in this universe. He is just as powerful as the man he admires the most; all is one, one is all. That particular gentleman has just as much opportunity to live the life the divine gave us and instructed us to live as the next man. 

It is of my hopes that you, reader, follow your dreams. You will fail. You will feel like giving up. You will feel like the universe is not on your side. When you feel these emotions, think about this quote, understand it, and you will then realize what you are capable of.

“All is one, one is all.”- Kybalion 

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