Working Theory On The Limits Of Man 

What- This is a working theory on the limits of man. I will be updating this as new ideas as well as insights come to mind. 

Why- Life is an illusion. Everything is energy. However, although it is impossible to prove it true, we all believe gravity to exist. We all believe that humans cannot fly. We all believe that humans cannot walk on water. 

Everything ever created was at one point considered impossible. I need not bring any past achievements/accomplishments of humanity up that were at one point considered impossible, as I am sure you can reference an example. 

It is only logical and rational, to assume man can fly, just as much as it is considered logical and rational that man can not fly. Remember, nothing is considered true, nor false. 

When: I do not set limits on my work, as I go strictly with the flow of the universe. However, I am certain that I will be in a position where I will be satisfied with my work sooner, rather than later. 

Everything you see, came from nothing. Everything was created from the source. Within this universe, there is infinite potential for humanity. As the mind is infinite with its thoughts and imagination, it is required that the physical reality emulate. 

Right now it may seem impossible that man can fly. However, it is with those limiting thoughts that restricts the creative thinking needed to perform such an extraordinary task. 

I will keep you posted. 

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