Failure is Fertilizer

Failure, the dreaded feeling amongst many. Why is it a dreaded feeling? Well, one could fear failure because they would take it as a personal failure. This could be something as simple as the fear of rejection when asking a person on a date, or failing an academic test.

If one failed a math test for example, the person can take it two different ways. The person can take it face value, and accept failure. Going this route, this person will establish a new belief that they are not good at math. Remember, thoughts create your reality through your beliefs. When this person has to do math in the future, they will not be able to process simple math as efficiently as their counterparts due to the aforementioned belief.

The person can also go the second route, which is accepting failure as a learning experience. The person failed the math test, and will now work on the areas that need improvement to pass the next math test.

This applies to everything in life. Find your passion, and go with the flow of the Universe. One shall never be limited by money. If you never had to worry about money again, and could do whatever you wanted to do for the rest of your life, what would you do? That is the passion that you shall be pursuing, for that above scenario is within reach if you set your mind to success. Upon finding your passion, and working diligently, you will hit multiple forms of failure. This could be others not approving of your work, yourself not approving of your work, or lack of motivation. Your character is determined by how you react to failure, and then overcome it.

Remember, reader, life is an illusion. You dictate your own reality with your own beliefs. You need to believe your work is truly beautiful, and others will follow you. If others don’t approve of your work, does it matter? It shall only matter to you and you only if your work is worthy or not for us to receive. Your work is a treasure waiting to be collected by a very lucky person one day.

The sheep of society do not learn from failure, but instead give up entirely. At times, this could have been when there was just one last obstacle to be hurdled. The wise not only learn from failure, but embrace failure. Failure is painful, yet needed. If anything you ever wanted ever came easy, would you want it? Let’s put it into this perspective. If getting $10,000,000 USD was easy, would you want it? No you wouldn’t because in that scenario having that much money would equal $1 USD today. If getting your dream job was as easy as waking up in the morning, would you be as excited for that dream job? If getting into Harvard was easy, would it be as notorious as it is? If losing weight was as easy as flipping a light switch, why is there an obesity problem? All of these above people all had a goal, and were at one point sticking to their plan to achieve that goal. Once they hit their first point of failure, that goal fell apart.

The Universe will consistently align you with failure, until you correct the mistakes you are making. Your wishes will always be answered, but you must withstand two things; the illusion of time, and failure.

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