Book Drive

It was not until I was in the middle of one of my average workouts at the gym that it dawned on me, education is not of importance amongst the masses. Our youth will be exploring humanity much sooner than we think. It will be very difficult for our youth to sustain themselves, without common knowledge, as well as knowledge of ourselves. Our youth, not to their fault, rely far too much on technology. Although technology has very positive impacts, it is distracting and detrimental if abused.

During this epiphany, I had an idea that I felt very strongly about, guided strictly by my intuition. I thought of the idea, and I had established the book drive within the next two hours.

If you want to do something, and you know it is right to you, do it. Make yourself happy and watch everyone else around you follow suit. This situation to me, is perfect. The adults get a gift that will be sure to bring about a day of happiness, the youth get education, and I get to soak in all of the positivity knowing I am making a difference towards humanity, at least in my world. 

Although this book drive is small, as it is being ran by just myself, I am thrilled to see this grow in perfect divine timing.

I have a note placed above the book collection bin, which is attached to this.

Book Drive



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