Jade Wilson 

One minute you’re here in the physical world, the next second you are not here. 

Jade, you were an awesome friend who raised the energy in any environment that you found yourself in. 

When I talked with you, I saw somebody who had potential to be the greatest version of you possible. I saw a woman who was unsure of what others thought, which ultimately set you back. Jade, you were awesome the way you were. 

You spent most of your time at work, trying to scrape by whatever kind of money you could get to make ends meet. You worked yourself past your limits, multiple times. Jade, you had potential to be everything you ever wanted to be. 

I look back at our previous encounters, and re-play our conversations at work. You always had such witty remarks, and at times you even baffled me with your drive, work-ethic, and character. Jade, you were an awesome friend. 

As you are living in your next life, I know that the people around you are very happy. I know they are happy, due to the immense amount of positive energy you emit. 

Everything happens for a reason. You were brought into my life to spread laughter and joy, for those moments were always abundant when you were around. You taught me a lot about myself, without you even realizing it. 

Remember, do not fear death. You never know when your time is going to come. You will start a new life, continuing your soul mission with natural progression. 

Jade was a friend of mine, who seemed too young to be deemed socially acceptable to pass away in the physical world. Everything happens for a reason, and it is not up to us to question the reason. I will miss her company in this world, but the universe has different plans. 

Appreciate life while it’s here, and be grateful for everything and anything, for you never know when you will be entering a new reality. 

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