Wisdom #4

  1. It’s not who you fear, or what you fear. Those do not matter. It is why do you fear? 
  2. Go in nature and observe the birds in the morning. Watch how the first thing they do upon sunrise, just like us, is go out and hunt for food. Watch how they play with each other, so beautifully, just like us. What separates us from the rest of nature? Ego 
  3. Maintain a neutral attitude when dealing with your own emotions. Any surge of excitement, or surge of negativity, is weakness. Man is the creator, everything comes from within. What you want, you already have. There is no need to get overly excited nor overly upset over anything. It is a mental game, and falling to those emotions is weakness. 
  4. Observe how others talk to you. Observe the attention they give you, and observe the kind of responses you get. If people around you seem moody, irritable towards you, check yourself. The outside is a mirror of your inner beliefs. It is important to shape your beliefs to live how you want to live. 
  5. Freedom is not having the ability to use our rights as citizens. Freedom is the complete control over the mind, and mastering the mind. Strive to master your own mind, for you will be free to live your own life, how you want to every second of your life. 
  6. There is no such thing as hard work if you live life true to yourself. Everything shall come easy and effortlessly. Money, fitness, health, etc. will all come naturally without you even trying, just by living true to yourself. 
  7. If you do not agree with fellow man, you but two options to proceed, in any situation. You can one, try to change their belief to match that of yours. By doing this, you are assuming authority over this person. However, since we are one and everything is equal, assuming authority over another individual is not appropriate. Second option, is you can take what the person says, and question it to better understand their point of view. Remember, that person is not wrong, nor are you. Everything is half true, and half false. A red apple is red, and it also isn’t red. Perception, and beliefs drives us. It is not up to any of us to alter anyone’s perceptions and beliefs. 

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