Wisdom #3

  1. No man shall get in the way of you and your best judgement.
  2. Talk to each person in your daily commutes effortlessly, for the people you are speaking to are your imagination.
  3. Meditate often. Man can accomplish whatever they want. Man can heal him/herself. Meditating connects you with the spiritual realms. When you’re connected with the spiritual realms, you are now able to access your ‘inner-voice’, leading to answering many questions and solving many problems. Upon completing your mediation session, you will feel complete bliss.
  4. Do not try to be like anybody else. You’re unique, and you have a specific purpose in this world.
  5. With practice, man can overcome any injury through use of wisdom.
  6. Being wise does not mean that there is never a negative event. Being wise means you interpret the negative event differently, and use it to your advantage. The sheep take that event as an ‘ego’ defeat.
  7. The thirst for knowledge is ever so lacking. The wise have a never ending search for knowledge.
  8. When you get a negative thought, think of the opposite thought to counter that negative thought. When you get mad that you got cut off on the road, counter that thought instead with “I didn’t die, there are far worse things that could have happened”. Albert Einstein would call this ‘relativity’.
  9. Listen to your intuition. Even if you don’t think it’s a great idea, listen anyways. The divine will always guide you in your best interests. You can fight it and live miserable with the sheep, or accept it and live in bliss and harmony with the wise.
  10. “The purpose and key of life is love and light. Not romantic love, but true unconditional love for all and everything. Self, humanity, animals, every being, gratitude, Earth, universe, source, everything. Pure love is the key to life.” -D.K.


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