Wisdom #2 

  1. 1. Time is the whip that the man used to hit his slaves with. Use time to organize your life as need be, but don’t let the concept of time take the beauty away from life. 
  2. There is never a solid truth. My example from the Kybalion, stated as such; “Good and Bad are not absolute–we call one end of the scale Good and the other Bad, or one end Good and the other Evil, according to the use of the terms. A thing is “less good” than the thing higher in the scale; but that “less good” thing, in turn, is “more good” than the thing next below it–and so on, the “more or less” being regulated by the position on the scale.”
  3. Never fear anything. The only fear one shall ever have, is the fear of fear itself. You control your own world. 
  4. Knowledge is the master key to you. 
  5. Do not let events in life dictate your emotions. Instead, let your emotions dictate the events. 
  6. One shall never be ridiculed for their faith in whatever religion. We all recognize we have a creator, and ultimately all of those creators had to of came from one original creator (the ultimate mind, which consists of us) to begin with. Love each other not for pity, but because we all are made of the same material, originated from the same creator, which makes us all the same. 
  7. From the Kybalion again; “The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding.” 
  8. You don’t have to meditate any certain way. There are preferred methods, but not absolute methods. What works for someone may not work for you. If you follow someone else’s method, and you don’t like it, you will not meditate because you think meditating is not for you. Be relaxed, peaceful, and open. You mustn’t do what others tell you, do what works for you. 
  9. If you see somebody crying, take the time to stop and ask if everything is okay. Even if you are in a hurry, companionship is what keeps humanity together. Don’t forget where you came from, while you’re lost in the material world. 
  10. If you tell a person affiliated with mainstream society that life is an illusion, you will get a humiliating response back. That same person goes to church and worships the lord, who was created by the same ultimate mind as us. 

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