The Quantum Playground of Life

Life (Divine) = Mind + Body + Energy

There is no other explanation, or scientific formula for life. Life is different for everyone, and must not have science backing it up. The life as you know it, is a gift. You are a creator. In very short, this is how you ended up reading this.

The world started off with absolutely nothing. Then the ultimate mind created light, and so on so forth. Animals inhabited earth first, and humans were created many years later. Man was created to compliment the woman, and the woman was created to compliment the man. It is important for you to realize, however, that everything is derived from the same source. Everything is everything, just like nothing is nothing. Your pen is of the same importance to the ultimate creator as you are.

Atoms = Building Blocks of Matter

Building Blocks of Matter = Energy

Energy = Physical Manifestations 

One should never fear anything in life. One should be of the knowledge that all is within, and everything is controlled by you. When going down the road called “The Adventure of Life”, one must be confident, knowing the universe will never put you in situations that you can’t handle. When you start carving your own path out of ‘ego’, you put yourself in situations that you did not the have the knowledge to properly overcome. Every event in your life has a purpose. You have all the amount of knowledge to go about your daily life. You never have too little to survive your means of life. Increase your knowledge, and you increase your prosperity that you accumulate along your adventure.

Inspired by Edgar Cayce‘s “Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man”



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