Inspired by Marcus Aurelius, I will be delivering my own personal words of wisdom:

  1. The wise make a living knowing they know nothing, yet everything at the same time.
  2. When a friend, colleague, etc. comes to you with problems, tell them how you would address them if it were you.
  3. Everything is a learning experience. Nothing stays still, and nothing lasts forever. As one event closes, another event fills its place. It’s law. The wise overcome change, learn the intended lesson, and make the next event even better.
  4. The wise do not think foul of anyone, for they know the oneness of us all.
  5. Do not complain of a negative circumstance or undesired result. When faced with adversity, the sheep turn around and the wise figure out how to navigate through the storm. The wise fail many times, and learn each time a new lesson.
  6. The wise do not make excuses, for they know it is a learning lesson. The wise know that whatever happened, was a result of them and nobody else. The sheep do not accept blame for misjudgment, poor use of the mind, and impatience.
  7. Do not fret, for everything you want is a seed. The seed must take time to grow, just like a baby. When you plant the seed, you must wait patiently for it to grow. Water it, and leave it alone. When it starts sprouting, and it doesn’t turn out how you expected, do not lose your bearing. The most beautiful flowers are the ones that grew not by human nurturing, but by the nurturing of the divine.
  8. Never eat what your body rejects. If your body rejects it, that means you shouldn’t be consuming it.
  9. Meditate often, for that is your answer to all of your problems. No outside source will ever answer your problems, for all of your problems come from within. The man looking outside the box, cannot answer the problems of the man from inside the box.
  10. The wise know life is eternal, they not fear death. Death is but an illusion. The past never existed, the future never existed. Only now ever exists. One shall not have irrational fear of an event that is unknown to ever exist, for the future never exists until observed in the ‘now’.


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