Free-Will, Or Destiny

In the following words, I will be arguing Free-Will and Destiny. I will be using my own personal anecdotes, and my own personal thoughts from extensive meditation and observing my outside/inside world.

I do not know what I can and cannot control. I don’t even know if I control myself. Every thought that comes to my head, I feel subject to question. I often contemplate on whether life as we know it is governed by free-will, or destiny. I think of a thought, and I stumble into that particular idea sometimes minutes later, or even days later. Nonetheless, I still manage to connect with whatever I was thinking about. It could be as small as somebodies name, or as large as a specific person. I was at a car show this past weekend with my father, two brothers, and one of my brothers girlfriend. I had mentioned to one of my brothers that it would be nice to see Norma’s Mercedes from the television show “Bates Motel” for sale. I have never seen that car in my life, which could explain my fascination I had towards that car. About thirty minutes later, I stumbled into that exact car, only differing in color, for sale. Although I am well aware of divine timing, this caught my attention sharply, as well as had me further question free-will versus destiny.

Now with free-will, there are a couple of considerations. One being I choose my own destiny, governed by the parameters I place within my own mind. I choose what I want to believe, or even acknowledge. With virtue, the main argument that stands is everything happens for a specific reason at a specific time at the mercy of the source.

Back to the vehicle I saw for sale. I have not thought about that car in years. Why, at the car show, did I just so happen to reconcile that car, specific to a show that I haven’t seen in years? After thinking about the car, and ultimately forgetting about it, I stumbled into it minutes later. It is absolutely no coincidence, it is a matter of figuring out how I got that thought in the first place. Really, where do your thoughts come from? You love bananas, but why? You love playing sports. Why do you love it? Because it’s fun for you? Why is it fun for you and not for others? Do you have control over your feelings? Can you just pick and choose when and to whom you fall in love? Can you just decide you love sewing, and you would rather spend your time doing that as opposed to doing what you love, reading, for arguments sake.

Think of a tomato plant. A tomato plant starts as a seed, grows, and produces tomato’s to be harvested. A tomato plant’s only purpose is to produce tomato’s. What purpose would a tomato plant serve if it did not produce tomato’s? What separates us from a tomato plant? We started off as a seed as well. We get intuition, gut feelings, and “vibes” from certain things/places/people. I propose you to ponder on this thought. We are no different than the tomato plant I referenced earlier. Our desires, intuition, etc., is our destiny. Everything within us is “pre-installed”, and makes up you. To take it a step further, I argue that we live life in destiny, but may or may not have free will. In other words, you can use free will to escape a certain situation, or whatever the case may be, but eventually destiny will catch up.

To live, you must release all control and follow the ‘flow’ that is unique to you, without expectation. You cannot control any outside circumstance. However, you can release control and let your seed sprout naturally, and gracefully. You can still argue that you have free will to intervene with the divine unraveling of your life. Eventually, the cycle of life indicates destiny will make its way.

The framework to being content and achieving inner-bliss is to release all worry. Your flow will take you to where you need to go. As always, we are human and see life from the ‘now’. Although it is important to live in the present moment, it is equally as important not to have expectations in the present moment itself. Whatever happened, or is happening in your life is directly associated with you. It is up to you to discern between the good and the bad, as it pertains to your inner-desires and dreams.

Are you really in control of your thoughts? Can you control what and when a specific thought comes up? I do not believe we are in control in any way. The only way we are in control is whether we perceive the event to be good, or bad.

“All is One, One is All” -Three Initiatives 

What is the difference between you and I? What separates the nature of you and I? Religion? Geographic location? Physical appearance? Color of the skin? For those could all be differences between you and I, but that is only minute in the grand scheme of things. 

Look at a pen. A standard non-click pen typically comes with ink, an outer plastic shell that is usually plastic, and a tip to transfer the ink to the surface in which the user wants ink applied. I propose some questions for you. What are the different parts made up of that comprises the completed pen? Think of plastic now. It does not matter how plastic is made. What matters is what it is made up of. The materials that make plastic, where did those originate from? The materials that made the materials to create plastic, where did they come from? You can keep coming up with scientific answers to answer those questions, but that does not answer anything related to my point. Let me clear this up. You can say it is made up of different elements such as chlorine, sulfur, etc. However, you then must question where those elements came from. Everything must come from something. 

Life isn’t what is, or what it could be. Furthermore, life isn’t about anything at all except for you. You are life. Only you. See, at the very core of things, nothing exists. Your car, your pet, and even you, nothing exists. The time you use to aid you in your daily efforts is just a unit of measurement. Time is a man made concept, and that is all it ever will be. Time does not mean anything past that. Nothing exists. Everything you’ve ever perceived is your imagination. 

I have been working on a theory to support my claims. I have applied many different philosophies to govern my life and make sense of life in general. I’ve used thoughts dictate reality, karma based philosophy, and now the most logical theory I have self-discovered. I am not saying I am the first one to come up with this, but rather I just came up with this theory through constant observations on my own, directly pertaining to my own life and thoughts. 

Life is a play. Not only is it a play, it’s a never ending play where you are simply observing the same events over and over. Imagine driving to the store. You get to the store, and you notice people moving around, putting items into their cart, etc. Have you ever thought that the people and the materials that you see do not even exist at all? What I mean, is that if you never went to the store, would these people/items be there? Suddenly when you show up, everything continues moving and acting as if it never stopped. These events are only activated upon you perceiving it at that moment in time. 

This is why your thoughts are important. Since we established that nothing is real, the only thing that you can be sure of is your thoughts. You can’t even be sure you’re real. Your thoughts are the only thing you can be sure of. Your thoughts are emoting vibrations that interact with the energy around you. This is why when you’re in a negative state of mind, everyone around you treats you differently. When you’re in a positive state of mind, people treat you differently. Your thoughts and beliefs directly influence everything around you, every second of the day. When you think high vibrations, you attract your physical body to move itself almost like that of a robot to go to the areas where there are high vibrations; like attracts like. 

Nothing is a coincidence, and everything happens for a reason. Think about the last time you had a coincidence. The reason that coincidence happened is because your sub-conscious directed your physical body to move there. See, you do not know what is ever going on. You just simply know that you have thoughts and beliefs, which dictate exactly how your life will play out. However, you will never be able to depict how and when anything plays out. That is up to the collective conscious mind to attract our body to the desire. 

Our physical body is no different than the pen I referenced earlier. In fact, it may be worse in the sense that we as humans get lost in the “ego” world and forget our actual roots; nature. It is all too easy for one to forget we are at one with nature. 

Lift your right arm up, and wave at the nearest object/person you see. Now that you finished, do it again except this time observe your thoughts while doing it. You did not give direction to your body, or any kind of conscious thought pertaining to waving, I am sure. That is the mind-body connection. Your thoughts controls your body, it is not the other way around. Your body is like that of a robot, and our mind is the remote control. The body traverses through this world through frequencies, just like a remote control vehicle does. 

When you get exactly what you want/looking for when you least expected it, that is because you are no longer resisting the flow leading to your desire. You see, the flow will always travel in the direction you want it to. If you look for stuff on your own, that is the ego taking over. The ego is never correct. When you lose the attachment, you will go with the flow leading you to your desire. It is no coincidence why you stumble into a relationship when you least expect it. It is because you no longer are trying on your own to create the experience. Remember when I said life is a play? Let’s say I fancy this beautiful woman. All I have to do, is love myself and live true to myself and she will fall into my lap. However, the ego takes over and tells me I have to do all of this, and make all of these changes because she won’t like me. You are changing yourself at that point, to get with somebody who is a figment of your imagination. Be you, love yourself, and your body will follow the flow of energy leading you directly to your lover in perfect timing. Every single circumstance in life has a purpose. Whether that’s excess traffic in the morning when the roads are otherwise clear of traffic, your boss asking you to stay another hour when he normally wouldn’t, or you waking up ten minutes later. This world is correct every single time. Every single thing that happens in your life is related directly to you. You are the creator of everything. 

When you work out at the gym, the fitness experts always say to focus on the muscle you are working out, as it will work that muscle out greater. I am an avid gym goer, and this is the same philosophy I use when training. You are not doing anything, ever. You are inside of your body telling it what to do, and what you tell it, it must do. I tell it I’m focusing on triceps, and that is exactly what will happen. Going off of my earlier comment, you are never doing anything. You are thoughts and that is it. If you feel tired, hungry, sore, pain, etc., that is all perception. You must accomodare those feelings to suit your longevity and health, but they are still only perceptions of ailments to a physical body that you are just temporarily renting for your current life cycle. 

The same people you don’t like, or the same people you disrespected are the same people as you. Nothing is real except your thoughts. What you see is a figment of your imagination. Not treating somebody to your moral code, whatever that may be, is not treating yourself right. The way you treat and what you believe to be true about others influences how they treat you. Life is a mirror of your thoughts. 

Life is a sandbox with endless opportunities. Follow the flow through the perceived good and bad times, and you will always land a treasure that will be one of two things every single time; 1.) Your desire, or 2.) Not your desire, but something much better that suits your needs in every facet you dreamed of. 

Spiritually Overcoming Your Heroin Addiction

Addiction is an animal with whom you have no clue how to defeat. You try everything, and you resort to everything, only to find yourself right back where you started. For no addiction can be overcome, without the mental awareness of overcoming such extreme obstacles.

Practicing your spirituality, which is practiced unique to each individual, is important to you overcoming addiction, but more importantly your well-being as a whole.

I am opening my arms up to one Heroin user, and will be mentoring you day by day through your life. In this process, I will offer you a different perspective to looking at things, and a different way of reasoning with your mind when you feel urges to use Heroin. However, I will be mentoring you on overcoming your addiction without the use of medication, and rehabilitation centers respectively.

I will not go out and seek you. You must want the mentorship, and you must want to overcome the addiction. If you stumbled upon this, and you are currently struggling with your Heroin addiction, congratulations. You have come across the first step towards recovery.

I will be providing a presentation I have made. This presentation is a brief overview of what my expectations are for this journey. If you and I start working together, I will request that you fill out a consent form, indicating that you are responsible for your own actions, and that you are receiving mentorship upon your own will.

I am only one person. I cannot accept everybody. However, I will try my absolute hardest to make sure to keep in touch with anyone that wants/needs help.

Freeing Yourself From Yourself

Personal Liability Statement


Wisdom #8 

  1. The grass is always green. There is never a time where it is not green. It is only not green, when you perceive it otherwise. You, as an observer, have a choice whether or not you perceive any event to be good, or bad. 
  2. What is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’? For there can be no honest explanation for ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Well, I could say ‘good’ is anything that makes me feel positive, and ‘bad’, anything that makes me feel negative. Now let’s go deeper. I only told you what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’, according to my parameters, and within my own belief system. How could I tell you what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’? Hypothetical example; I could tell you that I went bankrupt. I could tell you how that is a terrible moment in my life, and that I am suffering as a result of it. Now, on the other side of the token, I could say being bankrupt was the greatest thing that ever happened. It relieved the burden, and now I’m starting a new chapter with a clean slate. Every person you encounter will tell you what is ‘good’, and what is ‘bad’, based off of their own belief system and parameters. They can tell you why they feel that way, but that is all they can do. You shall not limit yourself to anything because a person said something is ‘good’, or ‘bad’, because that is based off of their own perception. You must have a free mind, and explore the universe for yourself, governed strictly by yourself in a civilized manner. Once you experience an event, only then can you determine something to be ‘good’, or ‘bad’, because you observed it and felt the emotions yourself. Has anyone ever told you they didn’t like something, and it shocked you because you believed everyone to enjoy whatever it is? 
  3. Limit the amount of negativity you receive. Anything that puts you in a mood you are not pleasant with, walk away from it. Negativity will only spiral into negative circumstances, giving you more negative feelings to feed off of. 
  4. Educate yourself, on yourself. Learn your limits, and then exceed them, for only then will you keep growing spiritually. 
  5. Keeping a positive mood throughout any circumstance can be done very simply. Imagine a person, who is serving a life sentence in prison. This person is deprived of almost everything that you and I are accustomed to. This person can only read, write, watch television periodically, exercise, and socialize with other inmates for the rest of his/her life. That inmate, after time and rationalization, reasons to make the most out of their time in prison by finding a way to enjoy it, knowing there is no other choice but to enjoy it, or not. Now the inmate is in prison physically, but not mentally. Are you in prison at that point, if you are mentally free? That shall be a topic for another day. Now take the prisoner’s life into consideration when you think about how miserable your life is. You could be locked in a cell for the rest of your life, but instead you aren’t locked in a cell, and you have an option whether or not to create your dreams. When you are stuck at work and feeling ‘miserable’, think relativity. You could be a prisoner who does have work privileges, but still cannot return to physical freedom. Reason with this thought process, for you will find no other way but to enjoy your life within your current means. 
  6. When feeling guilty about doing something you enjoy doing, do you feel guilty because others told you it’s ‘bad’, or because you feel guilty because you are breaking your own moral code? If you feel guilty because another person told you something is ‘bad’, that simply means you are not living true to yourself. When you stop feeling guilty for living your truth, watch the miracle unfold while the ones you felt guilty of, love you for who you are. 
  7. Always listen, for everyone that is having a conversation with you is for a specific reason. Although the reason at that time is unknown, you will be sure to find out when the appropriate time lines up. If you listened, you will have more information to perceive that event much more accurately, to yourself. 

What Is The Point To Life?

Life is what you want it to be. There are many different aspects that govern your life such as your ethics/morals, mindset, and the environment. However, none of this matters if you do not grasp the reality of life.

There is no point to life. Life is meant to create. There isn’t, and never was any other point to life besides to create. Life’s journey, purpose, and rewards are unique to everybody. If a philosopher told you the point to life, he/she would be lying to you, and if you took his/her word simply because they were an accepted philosopher in the eyes of society, you ultimately failed yourself for accepting that person’s truth. Nobody knows the “truth”.

If someone tells you something can’t be done, or isn’t possible, or anything that is limiting to you, they are wrong as well. Who is to say what can and cannot be done. For that would imply that we were given a rulebook when we were created stating the rules. All the rules we live by, to and include the Laws of Physics, is nothing but rules made up by mankind. The rules made up by mankind came from the same people, with the same minds as you and I. You cannot be for certain that anything is for certain. You can only be for certain in yourself, and your beliefs.

While you are living here in present moment, be grateful for everything, including yourself. You could be anything but you, right in this very moment. Think deeply, have you ever sought to realize that we are observing the beauties of nature, alive, full of ideas waiting to be created?

I will never be able to answer what life is to you. You can only answer that question. However, I can give you some pieces of information that will further help you along your journey. In your life journey, you must do two things. Firstly, you must take time to understand yourself. Upon understanding yourself, you will have figured out what your life purpose is. The second step in life is just following that purpose. You will have no problem following that purpose, as you will be cherishing every moment, soaking in the happiness that comes with chasing your dreams. By living your soul mission, whatever that may be to you, you will reap an abundance of rewards effortlessly; money, opportunities, love, personal freedom, and bliss to name a few. There is no “trick”, or “secret” to life. There is just the “truth” and that everything you have ever thought is what dictated your life up until right now, present moment.

Life is difficult if you want it to be, or easy, respectively. Again, I shall go back to touch on philosophy. Do not let someone else’s truth dictate your truth, or your thoughts. All comes from within, your universe is you. The reality you see, is a projection of your sub-conscious. It is no coincidence that synchronicities happen, or that you feel another person’s energy, etc. Take time to love yourself. Loving yourself is the most important step to take, for if you don’t love yourself, who will?

Follow your gut without fear or worry. Know and have faith in your higher-self. Be confident that you are on the most auspicious path for you, so long as you continue listening to your inner-voice.



All Learning is Just Recollection- Excerpts From “Selected Dialogues of Plato”

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing- Socrates

If you don’t know anything, how can you enquire about something of that which you don’t know? If you don’t know anything, and you enquire to learn about something, how can you be sure the information you are learning is true, when you have no prior knowledge of what you are enquiring about?


Socrates: … And now I know not what virtue is, and you seem to be in the same case, although you did once perhaps know before you touched me. However, I have no objection to join with you in the enquiry.

Meno: And how will you enquire, Socrates, into that which you do not know? What will you put forth as the subject of enquiry? And if you find what you want, how will you ever know that this is thing which you did not know?

The soul, being immortal and everlasting, sees the beginning, and the end. It is the soul that holds all knowledge pertaining to your life cycle.

“The soul, then, as being immortal, and having been born again many times, and having seen all things that exist, whether in this world or in the world below, has knowledge of them all; and it is no wonder that she should be able to call to remembrance all that she ever knew about virtue, and about everything; for as all nature is akin, and the soul has learned all things, there is no difficulty in her eliciting or as men say learning, out of a single recollection all the rest, if a man is strenuous and does not faint; for all enquiry and all learning is but recollection.” (Socrates, 171).

For a simple visualization, I will include a demonstration by Socrates. Socrates will be using one of Meno’s slaves to prove that what he says is true, per Meno’s request. Keep in mind, this slave is ignorant to geometry.

SocratesTell me, boy, do you know that a figure like this is a square?

Boy: I do.

Socrates: And you know that a square has these for lines equal?

Boy: Certainly.

Socrates: And these lines which I have drawn through the middle of the square are also equal?

Boy: Certainly.

Socrates: And if one side of the figure be of two feet, and the other side be of two feet, how much will the whole be? Let me explain: if in one direction the space was of two feet, and in the other direction of one foot, the whole bound would be of two feet taken once?

Boy: Yes.

Socrates: But since this side is also of two feet, there are twice two feet?

Boy: There are.

Socrates: Then the square is of twice two feet?

Boy: Yes.

Socrates: And how many are twice two feet? Count and tell me.

Boy: Four, Socrates.

Socrates: And might there not be another square twice as large as this, and having like this the lines equal?

Boy: Yes.

Socrates: And of how many feet will that be?

Boy: Of eight feet.


The conversation continues to where Socrates led the boy to accurately tell the length of a line on the side of a double square. The point of this illustration was to prove to Meno that Socrates is not teaching the boy anything, but rather asking questions. The boy claims to have ‘spontaneously recovered’ knowledge, and must have came from the past life.

The universe is within you. You can learn anything you want. It is just a matter of recollection. “What’s important here is to realize that Plato believes that knowledge of the Forms can be drawn out of all of us by the process of education; and the better our education, the better our ability to recognize the Forms in the world.” (Watson).

Plato, P., Jowett, B., & Pelliccia, H. (2000). The selected dialogues of Plato: The Benjamin Jowett translation. New York: Modern Library.

(n.d.). Retrieved May 4, 2018, from




Wisdom #7

  1. I do not subject myself to feel embarrassment in any setting. This would require somebodies opinion to matter more to me than that of my own.
  2. You’re miserable in the moment because you’re worried about something in either the past, or the future. The past is all but a blur. You cannot be certain that the past ever existed. If you counter that argument with something along the lines of showing me a photograph, time capsule, or antique, my point shall still remain the same. When are you showing me those above mentioned items? Certainly not in the past, you’re showing me those items in the now, the present. Your memories of the past are just that, memories. It is only your imagination. You only live in the present. Forget the past, and move on. Worrying about the future is detrimental. The future is unknown to exist, and will always be unknown to exist. Be grateful in the moment, regardless of the circumstances. By doing so, you will experience wonderful opportunities daily.
  3. If you are certain about you future and how events will play out, you are wrong. You can be certain of an outcome, and you must be certain of an outcome. However, do not be certain of the path to reaching your outcome. If you are certain about something, and it doesn’t happen the way you expected it to happen, you will feel defeated and a sense of failure. Be open minded, and embrace the journey that life is giving you en route to your desire. Taking the faithful approach, you are certain to smile much more along the way throughout your life journey.
  4. Release all fear and doubt. Those two emotions will ruin you. Your biggest enemy is yourself. Life is a game against yourself. Keep a loving, faithful, and determined mind, for you will reap an abundance of riches unique to you.
  5. This life is all yours. You are the center of your universe. Understand this concept, understand how important you are to yourself. You should be your biggest fan, your best friend, and your faithful companion. For at the end of the day, it is always you and your thoughts that goes on eternally. Be humble, and respectful, but remain as confident as ever in yourself at all times.
  6. If you are not confident and sure in yourself, who will ever be? Everything is from within.
  7. You want something, and you want it now. You don’t want anything, in actuality. You want the feeling associated with having, using, or whatever the case may be associated with that item. For example, you want money. You don’t want money, you want the feeling associated with the thought of having an abundance of money. Change your thoughts to match the feelings you are chasing. By doing so, you will be aligned with your desire and no longer will be subject to any resistance.
  8. Anything that is important to you, whether it may be your art, studies, hobby, loved one, or pets, it is important that you fully grasp the idea that anything worthwhile to you does not come quick, nor easy. It is very easy to obtain items that take other people a longer amount of time. However, those items would not be worthwhile to you. Constantly challenge yourself to always be better, learn more, and progress. Doing so will bring you many blessings from the divine, daily.